The Pet Pita was designed with everyone in mind. Whether you're an avid traveler, do it yourself-er, or someone trying to provide the best care for your furry friend we have you covered. The Pet Pita knows no limits with it's applications, yet it always ensures that both parties are comfortable and happy!


Sizing - The Pet Pita is designed to work with household pets 35 pounds and under. For smaller pets it is possible to roll down the sides to tighten your grip. 

Soon to Come - A new product is in the works for larger dogs.

How To

Kittens and Cats - Hold the kitten just behind/under the front legs. While holding The Pet Pita with your other hand, insert the rear legs of the cat into the back two holes. Then pull the front two holes over the front paws and release the animal while holding the hand holes. Rendering the cat, safe, immobilized, and comfortable.

Or... Place The Pet Pita flat on the ground and let your cat walk onto it. Then slide the rear holes up and around the back legs and hold The Pet Pita tight around their back so only the front paws are not in. Then place the front paws in individually. If needed roll the sides of the Pita down like one would with a paper bag to keep the animal in tight, and prevent them from falling out.

Note - Not all cats like to go in the same way so some improvisation may be necessary. However this way has seemed to work best to maintain a happy and safe experience!

Puppies and Dogs - We have found that laying The Pet Pita on the ground and walking your dog onto it works best. Once the dog is above The Pet Pita, pull up the front hole over the paws and grab the hand holds. It is then possible to lift and place the rear paws into the hind holes one by one. Next lift the dog off the ground, rendering the dog, safe, immobilized, and comfortable.

Note - Not all dogs like to go in the same way so some improvisation may be necessary. However this way has seemed to work best to maintain a happy and safe experience!


Medication - Cats and dogs are most comfortable in The Pet Pita while remaining immobilized. This makes it the perfect helper for home medication applications like flea medications and vaccinations. The Pet Pita leaves the hind quarters, eyes, head, shoulders, and legs completely exposed with easy access to the rest of your pet for easy access of heavily medicated areas.

Grooming - Groomers love The Pet Pita for its ease with brushing and trimming of pets. Toenail clipping, hair trimming, and brushing has never been easier.

Oral Access - The Pet Pita allows for safe and easy access to the mouth for medication and tooth access. Change the way you brush your pet's teeth!



Injured Pets - Injured pets still enjoy the outdoors. Cats and dogs will love traveling with you outside suspended in The Pet Pita. Don't let injuries stand between your pet and the great outdoors!

Airport Travel - Cats and dogs must exit their traveling crates now in airports. Keep your pet immobilized and safe in The Pet Pita while you travel through security while keeping the fur off of your clothing.

Outdoor Travel - Does your little friend struggle to go on longer length walks and hikes? Well with The Pet Pita, you are able to pick your pet up and walk easily at any point, while carrying a minimal product when he/she walks alone.

Endless Possibilities - Friends of The Pet Pita, have found many more uses from training at home to meeting new people safely. If you have any questions shoot us and email, and please be sure to share and new uses you have discovered!


Washing - The Pet Pita is easily washable in a machine. Please wash and dry cold. We recommend you wash before using with another animal to keep your furry friend happy!

Lint Rolling - Both sides are easily lint rolled.