At Comfy Pets LLC we provide the safest and easiest way to handle and medicate, groom, or carry your cat and small dog for an economical price. We offer The Pet Pita to all pet enthusiasts looking to make their at home pet experience more enjoyable for the handler and the animal. Comfy Pets lowers the stress of owning an animal by cutting out small vet trips and making home medication safer and more accessible.

After years of testing and multiple prototypes we are bringing you the best Pet Pita yet. The Pet Pita offers a cheap and safe way to preform do-it-yourself medications. The Pet Pita is a safe and inexpensive way to handle your cat or dog, making it possible to medicate, treat, and handle your pet at home or on the go! The uses are endless, with everything from carrying pets through airports to administering flea, tick, and heart worm medication. All without clawing, pawing, or biting!